Sent: Tuesday, April 16, 2002 7:37 PM

Dear Candidate:

Alabama Coalition is an organization, which has been in existence for
nearly two years, and we have steadily grown. We are a grassroots
conservative organization made up of people from all regions of the
state. Our members and supporters come from each of Alabama's seven
Congressional Districts.

AC serves as a network among many other conservative organizations,
groups and individuals in Alabama. We publish a quarterly newsletter,
the Alabama Defender; and our leadership is regularly invited as guest
speakers to service, civic, philanthropic and political organizations in
the state.

AC leaders have been heavily involved with much of the legislation in
the 2002 session of the state legislature, and along with our members
have made numerous trips to Montgomery lobbying for legislation
promoting sound government and traditional Alabama values.

We have spent time, effort and considerable expense to prepare and mail
the enclosed questionnaire because we believe that our 2002 Election
Questionnaire covers issues with which Alabamians are most concerned at
this time. The results of this questionnaire will be published by
several means and be available to Alabama voters across the entire
state. It is the opinion of Alabama Coalition that informed voters elect
the best candidates for the office.

We hope you will take a few moments of your time and complete the
enclosed 2002 Election Questionnaire. Please mail it in time to reach us
on or before April 20.

Thank you for your interest in good government.


Ellen Williams

Please indicate your answer to the following questions by marking X by your choice. Return Questionnaire to:  ALABAMA COALITION, 928 Delcris Drive, Birmingham, Alabama 35226.  Questionnaires should reach the Alabama Coalition by April 19 or they will be counted as “no response.”


1.  Do you favor the Alabama Flag (HB 21 – 2001) display law and will you support

     whatever means necessary to accomplish compliance?     yes      X no

I just read the law [which talks about placing an Alabama state flag outside every state and municipal building], and it seems to be yet another “feel good” law which won’t accomplish anything other than spending a lot of money in order to generate compliance to it.  It also seems to violate the following section of the Alabama Constitution:

That the sole object and only legitimate end of government is to protect the citizen in the enjoyment of life, liberty, and property, and when the government assumes other functions it is usurpation and oppression. – Alabama Constitution 1901  Art. I Sec. 35


2.  Do you oppose alteration of the Capitol grounds as proposed by the Alabama historical

     Commission and attendant waste of millions of taxpayer dollars?   X yes       no

I’m only vaguely aware of this initiative, but if it involves wasting taxpayer dollars, then I’m completely against it.


3.  Will you oppose the removal or alteration of any existing marker, monument or statue

      relating to the History of Alabama or any citizen thereof?     X yes        no


4.  Do you favor retaining the 1901 Constitution?    X yes        no

Art I. Section 35 (above) would certainly be deleted if it were re-written by the current bunch of politicos who support a constitutional rewrite, in order to:

-         generate millions of dollars in lawsuits against the new constitution, to benefit the lawyers across the state

-         remove the current taxation limits

-         remove explicit statements of citizens’ rights, as in the right to carry arms


5.  Will you oppose any increase in tax rates now established by state law?   X yes     no

I think tax rates are too high and should be lowered.


6.  Do you oppose legalized abortion except in cases of incest, rape, or life of the mother?

       yes  X no

I adhere to the Libertarian position that the government should neither prohibit nor finance abortions, at the state, local, or federal level.  From the tiny bit of factual information I have seen about “partial birth abortions”, I think those should probably be banned (except for cases of medical necessity for the mother).


7.  Do you support Alabama’s laws against legalized gambling?      yes   X no

If adults want to gamble, it is their business.  Existing laws against extortion, fraud, and violence would keep criminal elements in check.  Actually, it’s places where gambling is prohibited that attract mob-style violence as different gangs fight for control of it.


I also oppose a state-run lottery, as well as the state-run liquor stores, and anything else that’s state run (theme parks, golf-courses, airports, etc), that doesn’t have to do with the court system or defending the citizens of Alabama from physical threats.

8.  Do you support the right to open Christian prayer in public schools?     yes    X no

If any individual in a school wants to pray to his or her God, there are no laws (nor should there be) preventing that person from praying.   I do however oppose folks who want to impose their brand of religion on others in the current government school system.


The better answer is to get the government out of the education industry altogether (see Article I Section 35 again!), and let each school decide on its own policy in this regard.

Our current government school systems were based around the Prussian system from 100+ years ago, which was really only designed to output cannon fodder for the army and factory workers.   Remember that around the time of the American Revolution, there were no government schools, but the literacy rate was 98% or better.


"Can the free market guarantee quality education ?  No.  Can it guarantee quality automobiles ?  No.  It just produces them." - Milton Friedman, at the Pacific Research Institute, 09/13/93


9.  Do you favor legislation requiring voter identification in polling places?  X yes     no

Every time I go to vote, I am amazed at how lax these poll workers are.  I tell them my name “Jeffrey Johnson”, and then hover over them and just pick my name out from the list.   I could just as easily have said “Jonathon Johnson” and picked one of those folks who  haven’t voted yet.  It’s appalling that we don’t have even a basic photo ID check to vote.


10. Do you favor legislation establishing an Alabama law for a citizen ballot initiative on

      issues of citizen interests?          X yes     no

Yes, I think that citizens should have the right to place things on the ballot.  I also support greatly reducing the ballot access requirements for the state (which are the most restrictive in the nation), so that the voters have more choices, especially for third parties and independents.


11. Do you support the sovereignty and laws of the State of Alabama and the United States

      over that of any international organization?      X yes      no

YES!  YES!  YES!  I  also oppose our armed forces personnel having to wear the uniform (even if it’s just a stupid blue beret) of the United Nations.  “A man cannot server two masters” is correct.  I also support pulling the U.S. out of the U.N., but that’s not really a state-level issue.


12. Do you favor strict immigration laws and the sealing of the borders against illegal

      immigrants?    yes   X no

I believe anyone should be allowed to leave this country and take with them whatever assets they wish.  I also believe that if we can’t keep bad things out of our  own prisons, then how can we hope to keep bad things/people out of our country by turning it into a big prison?  Walls/gates/guards can prevent movement IN BOTH DIRECTIONS, and that’s something to remember as our government gets more and more draconian.


In the past, immigrants came to this country (and many still do) only because they wanted the chance to live in a free society, and have the chance to work hard and build something for themselves.  Today, many folks come to this country only to get the handouts from the federal/state/local governments.


I and other Libertarians support eliminating the redistribution of wealth at the state/local/federal level.  So, if we were to eliminate state-sponsored welfare, that would leave the motivation of immigrants coming to this country to be that of them wanting to build a better life for themselves and their families, and those who only want to mooch wouldn’t be tempted to come here.


I also read that America would actually have negative population growth if it wasn’t for immigration.


So, I’m all for freedom-loving, hard-working, law-abiding people entering/leaving the United States, without a horrendously complicated system of quotas and years-long waits for legal paperwork.


13. Do you support the efforts of the State Board of Education to insure a balanced

      presentation of evolution and creationism?     yes    X no

I support abolition of the State Board of Education, and replacing it with a system of private schools.  I know this would take a lot of effort, but socialism doesn’t work, whether it’s applied to schools, farming, factory production, mass transportation, or  whatever.


I think this question really boils down to the idea that Group A (who believe in idea A) don’t want to be taxed to pay to have their kids taught idea B, and Group B don’t want to be taxed to have their kids taught idea A.  So this is yet another instance of a socialized government program pitting one group of Americans against another group, over  a topic that both groups will probably never agree on.  Meanwhile, ideas A and B become political footballs and are distributed by whichever group has the most clout, and the merits of each idea are not really weighed.


The best answer is to get the government out of the business of educating children, and let parents decide how/where best to educate their own kids.  This would be a serious undertaking, but the current socialized education system is collapsing, and all the money in the world won’t prop it up forever or make it produce better results.


14. Do you support the constitutional right of citizens to keep and bear arms and will you

      oppose any legislation restricting gun ownership?    X yes       no

YES!  I believe both the federal and state Constitutions when they say that the government has no right to meddle in the private ownership of firearms.   Compared to the rest of the country, most parts of Alabama have a very easy-to-obtain concealed carry permit system.  However, I think that this should be replaced with a “Vermont”-style carry system, where any adult who’s not in jail/prison has the right to carry a firearm.


I would also do away with any counterproductive “waiting periods” and background checks during the purchase of a firearm.  If a person has a criminal background, then they should not be let out of prison until they can be trusted to have access to a firearm (for most violent criminals, that time might never come until they’re 60+, or never in the case of murderers, rapists, child molesters, and treasonous government officials).


I’m currently a life-member of the N.R.A., and was a former member of Gun Owners of  America (I need to re-join that organization).  I think the NRA is way too compromising, and I like the G.O.A. much better.


Thank you for giving me the chance to fill out this questionnaire.  I’m sure that some of the answers I gave aren’t the ones y’all were looking for, but I’m an honest man, and not a say-anything politician.  I believe in having the absolutely smallest amount of government necessary, and not one tiny bit more.


I was just nominated to run at the state convention on Sunday (April 14), and I just became aware of this questionnaire tonight (April 17), via e-mail.  For more information about my views, please visit:




 and my own upcoming under-construction website



    Email:  number6@hiwaay.net   Phone:  (256) 461-8679

Jeffrey A. Johnson,

Libertarian Candidate for Alabama House of Representatives, District #10


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